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David Dewey/ Paul Yorke

David Dewey's 1996 Christmas Layout  click here 

Here are some photos of David's Christmas Layout (1996), they show what can be done in a 7 x 4 foot area.

When David got this American Flyer 282 Loco, it had some of the details filed off.. He cleaned up the filing marks, finished removing the handrails, then added wire ones.

One item on many American Flyer folks wishlist is the barrel loader. Bell Danger protects the crossing as the streamliner pulls in. The loading dock is busy with another truckload of paint pulling in. The local Pepsi bottler is waiting at the station for "Miss Pepsi' arriving for the winter carnival parade.

The freight crosses the bridge while the local passenger climbs the inner loop.

The afternoon sun glistens off the Alco.

Another view of the Alco with a freight descending on the inner loop The track layout is a loop crossing over itself with a siding on the outer, lower loop. Two pair of switches allow the loop to become two loops, as well as a short parking siding.

This way, two trains can run at one time, or you can park a train and run the over & under loops. You can also automatically uncouple the rear of the train, and put a single car, or two cars in the lower siding to use the barrel loader. The siding also has an automatic uncoupler, so you can leave the cars, re-assemble the train and continue the run. Unfortunately one end of the room space is narrower than 4', so the layout can only be put up one way, if we had the full 4', I could flip the design, and put the barrel loader and siding towards the front of the layout, where it would be much easier to see and operate!

More info about David: 

David is fourty something years old and is married to Linda (who *likes* trains), they live in Oroville California.

He is a restorer, pre-war autos, cosmetic restoration railroad locomotives. Piano Tuner, Finishing Master's in Industrial Museum Management

David got started in American Flyer trains when his brother's received a train set. He was a year old at the time. The set was expanded over the next few years. He eventually 'inherited' it at about age eight. With that set as a begining he cleaned out all the relatives & anything he could find or afford. He claims to only have a few rare pieces, but lots of runners!

A sample of David's work.
More pictures from David

David enjoys all aspects of the Flyer hobby, and would love to hear your reactions., contact David.

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