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Gilbert Store Display Gilbert / American Flyer Store Display

Back in the heyday of American Flyer trains, large displays were constructed for major department stores to use during the Christmas season.  Based on some articles and old photos I have attempted to show what one of these displays may have looked like.   This diagram is completely based on second and third hand information.  This layout is not an accurate representation on any particular layout but based on notes about several.
The Gilbert technicians used four sheets of 3/4 inch plywood to construct these 7 x 16 foot layouts.  The accessories varied based on what year the layout was produced.  Some used the upper plateau to run a loop of Gilbert HO trains.  While others used that same area to show off the latest buildings.  Jeff Faust wrote a great article for the May 98 issue of Classic Toy Trains that tells about a layout used in a Rochester department store.
In  S Gaugian Jan/Feb 85 (p43) ,  July 84 (p31), and May 91 (p19) you will find references to this type of  layout.   A similar layout was used during the 1950's filming of the 'Boys Railroad Club'.
If any body has some pictures that I could 'legally' display on this page please let me know.

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