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Old Train Values How much are my old train$$ worth? 

This is a very common question.  The answer is simpler than you might think.
Your trains are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them.  If that value is less than what you are willing to let them go for than they are obviously worth more to you and you should obviously hang onto them.
There are several ways to get an idea what they are worth.  If you are selling them this information may be more important than otherwise.
Many trains are sold on the internet.  Ebay and other online auctions, offer a wealth of data pertaining to recent sales of American Flyer trains.  Also online are a number of site that sell used Flyer trains.  Most of them are listed on my site, see the "Links" page.  By looking at auction sites you can see what people are PAYING for trains.  On the other sites you can see what dealers are ASKING for trains.  Don't get the two values confused, they are not the same.
Identifying and Grading
The first step you can get serious you need some basic information.  The 'bible' in the used Flyer business is the Greenberg Pocket Price Guide .  It not only has all the price listings for all the S Gauge / Flyer stuff (Gilbert, Lionel/Flyer, American Models, and S-Helper), but it also explains how to 'Grade' and tells how much you expect from a dealer.  Grading has to do with defining what 'mint', 'exc', 'good' and 'poor' mean in terms of rust, chips, etc. It is all about what shape or condition you should expect when you buy something in 'good' condition.  It is not an exact science but the more informed you are the better off you are.  Identifying  is easy because almost every piece has a big number painted on it.  Most folks don't even notice it. That big 3 or 5 digit number on your loco is the identifier. Armed with that number and a basic idea of what shape it is in you can go to the Greenberg  and get an idea of what you have.
Online Price Guide
I have recently  come across an online guide. Because they are in the business of selling and buying trains I can't give them my total trust. Also note the prices posted are form the last ten or so years.
Train City Price Guide for American Flyer

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