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Ed's Portable layout From S Gauge Herald Feb 1976 - Ed's portable layout
The layout is roughly 4' x 6' and fits into a station wagon or Volkswagon Bus very easily.  Carrying handles on the ends help to make it handy to transport.  It has legs that unscrew so it can be set upon a table and the display shelves lift off when it is being moved.
   The rail is. 126 spiked to wooden ties so that Scale or A.F. equipment can be operated over the trackwork.  Those curves have a minimum radius of 15" and grades are 5% and 8%.  If the trains are run up the 5% an 0-6-0 handles 6 or 7 cars very easily.
  Ed says this is an excellent method to test and experiment with track laying technique and scenery building. This small layout got operation underway quickly while his large permanent layout was under construction.
  Small steam or diesels and freight cars work fine on this exhibit layout.  Large steam and passenger equipment must be only for display, the shelves are used to exhibit any kind of S kits, equipment, etc..
  This layout has been displayed  at NMRA meets, HO clubs S Exhibitions, hobby stores, etc..  A nice phamplet titled  "The S Gauge Story" is handed out free to adults who ask for it or show particular interest.  This phamplet tells the story that S  is  alive. healthy and steadily  growing. It mentions many things available and the two magazines you can purchase to learn about them. Ed also has his name,address, and 'phone number added for more information.
  This is the sort of missionary work we are going to have to do to enlarge our market, attract new people and get the point across.  This is the year we have dedicated to promotion.  Who else can say he has  done as much or more than Ed Loizeaux?  No matter how small your effort,  let's hear from you!  Seeing isn't always believing,  but it sure helps!