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x-10 Camera in AF Atlantic

X-10 Camera in AF Atlantic

Machined hole in boiler front of AF # 307 Inside view of hole in boiler front...look close as the chassis mounts have also been machined to allow camera to fit Close up of camera installed in AF # 307.
These pictures came 
from Bruce Crosby. He 
figured out how to 
install the X-10 cam 
into his favorite hobby.
Thanks Bruce!
Close up of connector to camera. Close up of cable & connector ready to attach to camera.
Over view of disassembly. Close up of camera disassembly. Close up of X-10 camera with wires removed from original mounting case.
Top view of power supply board. Close up of Tender shell, mounted transmitter board, antenna. Close up of engine with camera mounted and engine chassis.
camera circuit board & antenna in tender shell Camera circuit board in tender shell Over view of tender, camera, and cable attached to transmitter board.

Created by Paul Yorke