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S Scale Locomotives MPSM (Modern Prototypical Scale Modeling)
S Scale layouts set in the last 20 years (1978-1998)

Name: Modern Prototype Scale Modellers Sig
(proposed NMRA aligned SIG)

Objective: To promote the modeling of American and Canadian Railroads
in the period of the last twenty years in the scale of 1/64th.

Organization: An informal grouping of like minded people be they Hi-
Railers or Scale modellers, overseen by a small committee of Chairman,
Secretary & Treasurer (and other ex-officio officers as necessary)
elected annually by simple majority on a postal vote.

Members Services:
1. To provide a e-mail discussion forum on the S-Trains list for all
aspects of 'modern' railroad modelling.

2. To produce a biannual digest / summary of the MPSM e-mail discussions
to those members not on e-mail.

3. To encourage MPSM members to publish articles on 'modern railroading'
under the MPSM banner in the modelling press.

4. To assist in producing information on modelling projects, prototype
information, new products and projects. Information to be available by
e-mail and in hard copy published at bi-annual intervals.

5. To promote with sympathetic manufacturers 1/64th scale products of
use to the membership.

6. To attend and promote the 'modern' modelling of American and Canadian
Railroads in 1/64th scale at model shows and similar events.

Membership Fee: To be determined.

Now let me explain some of the reasoning behind the above.

A) Apart from snobbery and puritanical fanaticism there is no reason why
somebody who is into Hi-rail can't also be into 'modern' modelling. If a
'modern prototype' model is going to be made, it will need all the
support it can get. ie the buying power of Hi-railers is a must. If S-Helper
can make models that are suitable for Hi-rail & Scale, so others can as

B) The MPSM to be a e-mail group primarily - it means a lot less effort
and stress for those running the sig.

C) The 'digest / summary' of different e-mail discussion topics can be
better reviewed (edited down?) after six months. It will also serve as a
good record.

D) True the instant news will be six months old, but if you demand for
instant news/gratification is so intense then you are going to be into
e-mail / WWW anyway.

E)  Alignment with the NMRA for all the reasons given by Alex.

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