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All Aboard Panels  
History:  In 1959 AC Gilbert sold an uncataloged set 20048 described on page 101 of Greenberg's Volume 3 as the 'American Flyer "Scena-Rama" Special.  These sets were sold to department stores to be used as a store display.  The set consisted of twelve fiberboard panels.  They were unpainted but paint and foliage was provided.  This set was a pre-curser to the "All Aboard" sets that would be introduced six years later. (Photo provided by David Dewey) More Scena-Rama

In 1965 Gilbert offered three 'All Aboard' sets. The panels were 17 inch square molded plastic panels with track and wiring. The sets came complete with trees, buildings, fences, a tunnel, billboards, street lamps, and more. Each set also included a train. They used the tight radius 'Pikemaster' track.  The three sets offered were the 'Pioneer 600', the 'Champion 800' and the 'Westerner 1200'. They came with 6, 8 and 12 panels.  In 1966 a Christmas set with six panels and a snow covered effect.

If you want to learn more about this interesting product I suggest you get a copy of Greenbergs Guide to American Flyer Volume III 'Sets'.  They have more great pictures and much more detailed information about the sets. That book is currently out of print, but you still may find it in a hobby shop, or at a train show.

This is a set of modules that shows the textures, colors and topography built into these panels.

If you have pictures or information you would like to share please contact me.(Paul)

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