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Phantom II phantom (n) 1. something elusive or visionary. 2. a representation of something abstract, ideal or incorporeal. (adj.) fictitious

The second in my Phantom series is this double door box car lettered for the Grand Trunk Western, a road which was seen often in south eastern Michigan, my home area.

A cracked, junk body again formed the basis for this model. Reproduction doors were purchased from Ron Leventon, and were fitted in place after cutting out their openings and moving the door stops. A piece of chemically blackened brass was used as the door guides. The body was painted, decaled and fitted on a die cast chassis because the interior flooring would then show better when the both doors were opened.
The decals were cut so as to assign the car a plausible Gilbert number.
A modification of the original Gilbert mold could have produced this model in the 50ís to match the production of the Other Guys trains.  However, this model bears decals from the late 60ís and they were purposely applied with the large GT switched with the data lines to avoid having future collectors mistake it with an actual Gilbert prototype.

Jerry Poniatowski
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