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Phantom III phantom (n) 1. something elusive or visionary. 2. a representation of something abstract, ideal or incorporeal. (adj.) fictitious

 The third in my Phantom series was suggested by an article in  an issue of Classic Toy Trains (Mar. 1993, p.91)  The article showed how an inexpensive gondola (made by the Other Guys) could be lengthened by piecing two bodies together to for a more prototypical length car.  Our, however, are already close to the correct length, but a longer version would be useful for longer loads.

 I started with a crushed gondola body which had an intact center section.  A second junk body was cut in half and the center panel of the body along with the air tank underneath was removed.
The crushed body’s three center sections were carefully grafted in (see photo 2) along the top of the ribs to hide the seams.  The car was painted, assigned a plausible Gilbert number and fitted with repro trucks and couplers.  Since Gilbert gondolas measure almost exactly 42 scale feet in length, they look pretty good, but the extension gives almost exactly 49 scale feet which looks even better and adds variety to a train.

Jerry Poniatowski
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