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Building a signal bridge Building a Signal Bridge - Step 1

Then I scanned the image. (Higher resolution version)
Printed a 1/64th sized tower.
Then placed that image on a piece of pine.
Covered that 1/64th drawing with a layer of waxed paper.
I used that as a template to build a similar structure.
I used the Plastruct Bondene, it is a solvent and requires
a pretty good fit.

You can see the tack holes, where I used thumb tacks to hold the two vertical
pieces in place.  (I used my flatbed scanner to make this image)
The piece in the middle is a pre-fabbed piece that 'Plastruct' sells.
I need more of this stuff.  Anybody know where I can get some mail order?
I plan on using the 3/4 inch (4 scale feet) for the top and bottom
of the bridge. I hope to use 1 inch (5 1/3 ft) for the front face, the part
where the signals are mounted.

I will keep you posted

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