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S-Trains Repair Tips S-Gauge Tire/Wheel Repair

Question:  I noticed that most of my steam engines have loose drive tires.   How can I reglue the tires onto the white insulation so they can be usable again?

Answer: I have used epoxy and super glue successfully on different occasions.  I
think the right formula of Loctite will also work.  Many years ago an AF
factory method for repairs was to drill and insert round toothpicks or
equivalent thru the driver tires into the driver a few spotsm per an
article I read some time back.  Super glue is probably the easiest.  Use
the gap filling kind because it gives you longer to manipulate before it
sets up.  Turn the armature by hand to rotate the driver so you can pry
the tire back on all the way around.
Chuck Smith of the NASG, Rochester Area S Gaugers and the
S Gauge Chemung Valley Lines.

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