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1/10/99 Al Muncy I am a collector and operater,and just enjoy the old American Flyer memoroes.
2/16/99 Al Paolozzi I received an AF train set for Christmas 1948. In 1984 my interest was rekindled with my own children. I started reading any and all information I could find on Gilbert/Flyer and started collecting. I do repairs and enjoy finding 'basket cases' to fix. My layout is progressing slowly. It measures approx 11' X 11' and I can run three trains at once. It's great fun and I've met some nice people along the way.
12/21/98 Alan Evans Enjoy getting the new 'S' items out to club members and to anyone else who will listen to my promoting S Gauge. My belief is the best method of getting people into S gauge today is to display, promote and operate cars and engines that can be readily purchased today in hobby stores. All the more reason to promote S gauge! Currently I'm chairman of the NASG Freight Car Committee which each year provides to NASG members a limited edition car produced by various S gauge manufacturers (non-Lionel Flyer). On the local club level I'm a charter member of the Central Ohio S Gaugers ( (COSG) and publish their monthly newsletter. COSG has approximately 70 members.
12/20/98 Allen Evans Just getting started ! But I am eager- reading and interracting alot.
12/1/98 Art Armstrong Thanks for doing this. IT represents an immense amount of work.
12/20/98 Bill McClung I do all of the items listed except AF wiring, but have yet to have someone
tell me I am an expert, just a S scaler.
12/24/98 Bill Porter I enjoy and respect all aspects and scales of the hobby.
1/6/99 Bob Bubeck I am prinicpally interested in collecting operating and repairing old toy trains particularly S gauge and prewar O gauge GilbertAmerican Flyer. As such I view and operate the trains as the 'antiques' in tinplate fashion. Consequently I have a strong interest in the history of the development and evolution of toy trains. I do buy and operate some of the newer SHS AM and Lionel-built equipment for the fun of it.
12/24/98 Bob Wheeler Power for the trains is switchable AC and DC. Some units like the DC better!
1/12/99 Bruce Pilcher Primary interests are restoration of Am. Flyer, kit & scratch building.
12/29/98 Charles Sullivan Paul, Keep up the great work. Your site and list are a constant source of enjoyment, new toys, and good information. Thanks again for everything!
12/23/98 Chris Harding Thanks for providing this web-site and the S-Trains forum.
2/12/99 Chris Palomarez To answer some of the minority questions: My wheels are code 88 I'm constructing Free-mo Proto:64 type modules DCC power to the track is AC at a constant 12V
12/29/98 Craig Stair All operations are done via the club layout
12/20/98 Daniel Neumayer I have AF because that's what I was given for my 3rd birthday. At heart I am really a scaler, but living in a condo, I have to settle for 24' curves, which means I can't run big scale locos. I have an unusual layout. The main line runs on window sills around the exterior walls of our condo and then through all the rooms (except the bathroom) and back again (389 feet of track.) With only this one big loop, it takes 4 or 5 minutes for a train to make the circuit at scale speeds. Thus the DCC is a great help, allowing me to run 4 or 5 trains at once. I grew up in Baltimore, so I have a strong interest in B&O.
12/27/98 Dave Bailey I have no layout presently, so the above info is based on previous layouts and modeling experience.
I do want to construct a new one in the future. Though I do have great respect and admiration for AF, I have no personal interest in this aspect of 'S' model trains. I'm a contemporary 'S' Finescale/Proto:64 modeler all the way.
12/27/98 Dave Quebbeman Our two boys, now 18 and 21, grew up with OTC (On The Carpet) American Flyer layouts, no two of which have ever been the same. Our oldest has especially enjoyed drawing up layout plans and doing the switch wiring. Our railroad comes to life twice a year and occupies the living room, dining room, hall, and two bedrooms.
12/1/98 David Dewey Just because some people consider me 'expert' doesn't mean I do!!!
12/4/98 David Heine I am knowledgable about narrow gauge and logging railroads in general. I currently write the narrow gauge column in the NASG Dispatch. I can get carried away with model railroad controls at times. I currently use DCC. I am currently working on some applications using Winlok on an older computer. Previously, I have used Dynatrol and I also did some testing of a non-NMRA DCC digital command control system on my present layout. I have also built a CTC-16e command control system, and a PFM, etc. compatible sound system in the past. I also designed a hard-wired logic system for power block routing before PC's were around as we know them today.
12/3/98 Don Abrams I only build 'temporary' layouts. 1951 Flyer is my main interest, along with anything in S made before that. I repair anything with the American Flyer or Gilbert name on it (trains that is). Have been doing so for 15+ years. Currently servicing 3 shops.
12/29/98 Don Loughran I really enjoy collecting AF; old and new. I like to run Flyer like I did when I received my first set in 1955; constant change...
12/20/98 Don Munsey, Jr. I'm returning to S after 12 -15 yrs away, doing other stuff. Therefore, a lot of the answers were somewhat disjoint and probably contradictory. Sorry!
12/24/98 Doug Peck We operate an all S-gauge Model RR Shop, Port Lines Hobbies !!
12/27/98 Gale Hall 46 years in S gauge
46 years in S gauge
12/6/98 Glenn Ritter When you contact me, I will send a story of my layout. The story appeared in the NASG Dispatch, June,1997. I only operate A.C. Gilbert, vintage, post-war, American Flyer trains
12/3/98 J. Wayne Beachy I enjoy making custom decals on my computer.
1/1/99 Jacques Ollivier My panel layout spent an active week in my 5th grade classroom before Christmas break. It had more running time in one week than in the four years that I've been collecting Flyer. So far I've brought it two years with only two broken signs.
4/15/99 Jerry Poniatowski My layout is mainly for 'running' fun. I enjoy taking a train off the shelves, and setting the layout for maximum distance and running it for awhile. I'll operate steamers (freight and passenger) as well as diesels from the Alcos to the American Models' Superliner, and GG1. I'll also set the turn- outs for multiple train running and run three or four at the same time until the room fills with smoke! I appeciate fine scale railroads, but I also lov!e the old Flyer mixed in. High rail is prob- ably where I fit in the best. Just where my RDC and 'Phantoms' fit in is anyone's guess! If I have any area of 'expertise' it would be in restoration work, repair and repainting. I enjoy taking basket cases and making them useful again.
12/23/98 Jim Schiele sorry I didn't answer most questions. Am selling house, so layout came down and trains in storage!
12/3/98 John Dalton I'm designing a train room that I will then build; so, have not answered Operations & other Interests. I'm enjoying your S-Trains List; thanks for providing the service.
12/30/98 John Eichmann While not an expert I have considerable experience in starting a local S club recruiting and writing and publishing newsletters
1/8/99 Joseph F. Haeenn Paul although this is a good survey I felt many of the predefined fields were too confining. For example I am an AF operator who is moving from tinplate to highrail and more scale-type equipment. My main interests are AF parts and AF repairs.
12/3/98 Keith B Thompson Specific interests include PRR Heavy Electric. Room for layout is nearing completion. I'm 'expert' at using CadRail for layout and model design.
12/3/98 Ken Zieska Good Luck, Do you want to plan a 'net' get together at the NASG convention this summer?
12/20/98 Lance McKnight Just getting started in the hobby. Not much past the planning stages.
12/24/98 Larry Oberman Don't have room for a permanent layout.Have a Christmas layout ever year.
12/31/98 Mark B. Preman Always buying and selling good Old American Flyer trains by A. C. Gilbert.
12/21/98 Mike Vandiver Don't know if I submitted anything before or not. Some questions seemed new. Happy holidays. Thanks for all your hard work. Mike.
12/3/98 Nathan Balke I'm new to model railroading and 'S'. Right now I'm running hirail (because I have to set up the layout on the living room floor) but eventually would like to build a permanent scale layout when I get more space. I have learned alot from your web page and smail and greatly appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work.
1/12/99 Patrick Koerner We need more modern day locomotives and rolling stock.
12/3/98 Paul Krucik Flyer Collector
12/18/98 Paul Yorke I enjoy using my computer skills to help others. My layout is 9x12. It is comprised of two seperate loops. The outside loop is a simple loop. The inside one had 3 sidings, 2 controls blocks, and elevated figure 8 figure folded over onto itself. I have lots of ongoing projects that I never seem to finish.
12/21/98 Peter King Although I've played with my AF since childhood, I'm new at the idea of a permanent layout. The current dimensions are 28ft long and 5ft wide(L shaped dogbone). Mine contains S 'down' and 'in front', and HO up and to the rear. I'm having a great time with all of this!!!
12/18/98 Rance Velapoldi Just an old AF fan who collects what he can. Not really an expert in anything; sort of a generalist who needs more help than he can give.
12/29/98 Rich Black I'm not a diehard Flyer builder, however have had Flyer when I was a kid, hence the reason why I started collecting and building Flyer under the Christmas tree (used to be all HO.) Hope someday my kid (s) will get the satisfaction and spirit of American Flyer as I did growing up. I hope to continue my collecting through 1999 and enjoy reading the mailing list by Paul York. I have an old die-cast steam engine that appears to need a new reverse unit, but I'm not really sure. I enjoy troubleshooting these engines and getting them back in operation. Any fellow Flyer's want to send m!e how-to's on engine repairs, feel free to email me. I purchased the engine repair manual from Greenberg, but it is not quite as detailed as I would like.
12/21/98 Richard Snook I will be using P:64 wheelsets...not an option above!!
1/12/99 Roger Hinds I own Crossroads of America. The main exhibit is a large AF layout.

Ron Kemp I have mostly Flyer with some AM and SHS,
Gargraves track with Flyer switches. I have a simple around the wall layout
with a planned island that will have an oval of prewar track, the rest will
two rail Gargraves. Scenery is homemade and there's not much required with
my set-up. I live in a suburb of Buffalo, NY.
2/18/99 Ross M Roberts My other interest is S gauge on the internet. I think we should communicate all available sources for S information, trains, accessories, equipment, parts, materials, help, etc.
1/5/99 Steve Blackburn I am just now converting my layout from rubber bedded Flyer track to American Models.
12/21/98 Ted Fabian I'm too new to this stuff to know anything relevant.. for that matter, I don't understand most of the survey items or questions.. but I'm trying
12/3/98 Tom Gerbasi I am on Gargraves standard gauge with AF switches with a mix of kitbuilt, American Flyer, Repainted AF, Crown Models, Rex, Downs, American Models, SHS, bashed (i.e. Small O-27 adapted to S, Standard O cutdown or altered to S and large HO adapted to S) and scratchbuilt stuff.
for me.
12/3/98 W. Thomas Boussum In addition to 'S' gauge (Gilbert American Flyer) I also am an avid model aircraft builder. I guess that my area of expertise would be crafting buildings and homes. I am not presently affiliated with any clubs, although I did attend the North Penn S Gaugers first meeting last spring. I am probably considered to be an 'e!xpert' in Reading and Philadelphia and Reading steam driven motive power. If the Schuylkill Valley Line ever gets built it will be based on the Reading of the 1930s and 1940s and will operate as an anthracite carrier. Good job, Paul!