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Builders of Locomotives for Australian Railways 

Below is a list of the many of the major manufacturers of locomotives and railway stock operating in Australia or supplying Australian railway operators.

Name Country Web Link
American Locomotive Company (ALCO) USA
National Rail (AN)
Andrew Barclay UK
Armstrong-Whitworth UK
Baldwin USA
The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Ltd (BHP) Aust
Brill US
Beyer Peacock UK
Birmingham Car Co England UK
Clyde Engineering  Aust (later teamed with EMD)
Commonwealth Engineering ( Aust
Commonwealth Railways (CR) Aust (became AN in 1978)
Colonial Sugar Refinery (CSR) Aust
English Electric (EE) UK
Electro Motive Division of the General Motors Corporation (EMD) USA
GE General Electric (Corporation) USA (GE) USA
Goodwin Alco US/Aust
James Martin Aust
Gonian Aust
Malcolm-Moore Aust
Metropolitan Vickers UK
Morrison Knudsen  
Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) Can
National Rail Corporation (NRC) Aust
New South Wales Government Railways (NSWGR) Aust

(later became the State Rail Authority of NSW in 1978)

North British UK
Perry Engineering Aust
Phoenix Foundary Aust
Queensland Government Railways (QR) Aust
Ruston and Hornsby Ltd UK
Silverton Tramways Aust
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn UK
South Australian Railways Islington Workshops (SAR) Aust  

(became part of AN in 1978)

Tasmanian Government Railways (TGR) Aust  

(became part of AN in 1978)

Thompson Engineering Aust
Victorian Railways (VR) Aust
Vulcan Foundary USA
West Australian Government Railways (WAGR) Aust
Walkers Maryborough Aust
West Australian Government Railways ( Aust

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