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Here is the Santa Cruz Local led by UP 679 headed home to Watsonville Junction. The location is the crossing at New Brighton Drive between Capitola and Aptos. This location is where a crew will find out whether or not they can get the train home in one piece or have to double the train the remaining 14 miles to Watsonville.
Here is a rare find indeed. SP 7601 is one of three former commute GP 40P-2 units (orignal numbers 3197-3199). Here is the former 3198 basking in the light of a January 2000 day at Davenport.
The quiet of a winter afternoon in Capitola is interrupted by the Santa Cruz Local as it makes a late afternoon run to the Cement Plant in Davenport. Photo by Brian Bergtold
A fine September afternoon finds to crew of the Santa Cruz Local about to put away their inbound train at Davenport. First the brakeman has to line the switch so they can go back 'downtown' to get the train.
And what is this?! AN SD 40-2 on an industrial track in Davenport? UP 3798 leads the loads out of the Eucalyptus jungle and into the light of day.
One track has been spotted and the brakeman again lines the switch in order to shove the remaining loads into track 714.


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