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Copyright / Disclaimer

This is a personal railfan site that is not sponsored, affiliated, or supported in any way by any railroad.

Photos are for personal use only. All photos copyrighted by original owners may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form without express written permission from owners.  

My own personal photos (copyrighted by me) may be used freely for non-profit purposes. Otherwise, use of all other photos without permission is not permitted. See below for more specific information.

This Site
Screaming Eagles Over the Prairie
and any of it's derivatives (i.e. Great Plains Rail Gallery) are strictly a not-for-profit personal website (new photos are
added when my own personal funds allow me to develop another roll of film!). Images other than mine have been used with the written permission from copyright owners, or with the knowledge that they may freely be used (within certain restrictions). If your image appears here without your approval, please contact me and it will be removed promptly. Unless otherwise noted, all images and text are copyrighted ©2000-2008 Todd Greuter. All rights reserved. All other images may not to be reproduced without permission from the copyright owners.

Copyrights & Usage
Copyrights on my site/materials are meant to protect the ownership rights of the individual photographers and the website Screaming Eagles, and are not meant to present any kind of control over Missouri Pacific logos or information. Information itself cannot be copyrighted, only a specific expression of it. Some of the scanned materials relating to the Missouri Pacific such as logos may still be copyrighted by successor Union Pacific R.R.. But most materials, such as maps, postcards, timetable covers, or ticketbooks published before new copyright rules took effect in 1978, are public domain. These are free for public distribution.

ALL materials and photography presented here by others may come with completely different restrictions than my own photography, and should be respected as such. Photography by others should be considered copyrighted material and should not be reproduced in any way without the copyright owner's permission.

Scanned photography of my own -- basically anything with my name on it, T. Greuter, including:
Lee Berglund's photos -- presented on Screaming Eagles and the Great Plains Rail Gallery may be used and redistributed, unaltered with the copyright line intact, for non-profit purposes, provided that beside the image myself and/or Screaming Eagles is credited and linked back to this page. A note to me stating where an image is being used would also be nice.
I do ask that you do not use a whole collection of images, such as for a website. Please obtain permission for any commercial or other use.

In other words respect the rights of all our contributing photographers and don't use their work without permission. Otherwise everything else is copyright by myself, and I extend to everyone freedom to draw on my materials for any non-profit purpose, as long as we are credited as the source. I present this information as a reference for fans and historians interested in the MoPac and its predecessor roads, to be promoted, preserved and shared online. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

- T. Greuter

With that in mind I'd like to give special credit and thanks in no particular order to those who have granted me permission to use their photography and graphics (This list is extremely outdated, as there is new material being submitted for posting onsite almost every week). These include:

Lee Berglund (my collection)
Glen Beans
Brian Paul Ehni (& Allen Rider)
Jay Glenewinkel (& Steve Rude, Robert Pollaed,
Robert Pollard, Steve Schuman)
George Elwood
Paul De Luca
The Robert Runyon Collection, courtesy Center for American History

Elvin Klepzig
JD "Tuch" Santucci
William W. Kratville
John C. La Rue, Jr. collection
John Benson
Jerry Appleman
Chris John
James E. Gilley collection
Nathan D. Holmes (RailArc)
Michael Petersen (RailArc)
Ron Estes
Gary Morris
Tony Moses
Houser (my collection)
T. J. Golden (my collection)
Train Gifs Station
and many MANY others...

I'd also like to thank the following for the help, knowledge and research they've supplied:
Elvin Klepzig
Roger Kirkpatrick

John La Rue, Jr.
JD "Tuch" Santucci
Kevin EuDaly
Dennis A. - BNSF special agent
the Guys of the Train Cellar
MoPac Man Randy Krause

Finally, to those who's published works I've relied on heavily for this site:
M.P.H.S. - The Eagle
Michael M. Bartels

Jerry Michels
Kevin EuDaly
Joe Collias
the MOPAC E-Group
J. J. Holck
H. Craig Miner
Patrick Dorin

...and to for providing a web home for Screaming Eagles.

See Resources for web addresses. Due to the possibility of inviting spammers, I haven't supplied any email addresses for the above. Write me if you wish to contact a contributor.

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