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Hobson Yard / Great Plains-West Rail Gallery
Hobson Yard
CB&Q - BN - BNSF     Lincoln, Nebraska


Located in Nebraska's state capitol of Lincoln, BNSF's Hobson Yard is the central hub of the four major routes in Nebraska. Hobson Yard originally was a major stop on the Chicago Burlington & Quincy RR (The "Q"). Under the Burlington Northern major expansions continued. Since the 1970 merger that created predesessor Burlington Northern out of the CB&Q,GN, NP, SP&S, the expanded yard facilities have been tailored to accommodate high coal traffic. There is a locomotive repair and maintenance facility, two main line fueling and servicing racks and a a yard for flat switching cars.

With the merging of Burlington Northern with Santa Fe, Hobson's role has not diminished. Day and night the yard, measuring three miles long by a half-mile wide, hosts loaded BNSF coal trains that need to be serviced and relieved by new crews.

Hobson Yard is the convergence point of four major lines. The four major routes entering Lincoln are:

  • Ravenna Line - The busiest of the four main lines radiating from Lincoln, Nebraska. The line heads westward to Alliance and is the gateway to Wyoming's coal-rich Powder River Basin.
  • Hastings Line - West to Denver, Colorado.
  • Kansas City Line - Southeast over Firth Hill to Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Omaha Line - Northeast to Omaha, Nebraska and Chicago, Illinois.



Map of Area Surrounding Hobson Yard

Click below for a system map of the state of Nebraska (BNSF server)
BNSF in Nebraska Map


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BN 6164 - an hi-nosed upgraded SD9, leads the Sunday morning delivery of tank cars from Omaha to the Hobson Yard in Lincoln, Nebraska. The old Hall Switch Tower is just behind the units to the right. 2/1/97 - T. Greuter Photo

Hall Tower - has stood as a silent sentinel for many years as a BN caboose passes by. The structure is now demolished, was built at the east mouth of Hobson Yard at 1st and P Streets. - T. Greuter Photo

"I used to go to work with my Uncle, "Peter Orr" at the Hall switch tower (at Lincoln, NE) when I was a small boy... I used to get the opportunity to "thro the switch". Having one foot on the counter, and both hands gripping the release mechanism, it was a task for a boy at age 8." - Gene Doudney
BN 9682 - an SD70 Mac, waits with empy coal hoppers as emergency crews replace a broken switch motor. Old interlocking Hall Tower standing to the right, is now demolished. 3/15/97, Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo

BN mixed units
- roll through the east entrance at Hobson Yard, Lincoln, Nebraska, 4/15/96 - T. Greuter Photo ·

HOBSON YARD Engine Facilities
BNSF Deadline - at Hobson Yard, Lincoln, Nebraska. Notice the shipment of two aircraft fuselages behind the stored units. 2002 - T. Greuter Photo ·

BN 9200
- the first of BN's "Big Bombers", an SD60 M, refuelling at the pumps in BN's Hobson Yard. The BN had played around with the roomier, safer "super cabs" on the system on and off for many years, but with the 60 M, they became standard issue on the newest locos. BN chose this new paint scheme for the wider cab. 7/1/95, Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo ·

Signs of an impending merger - BN and Santa Fe units at the fuel dock in BN's Hobson Yard, Lincoln, Nebraska - T. Greuter Photo

West Entrance HOBSON YARD


BNSF 9175 - recieves a little attention from a fuel crew while KCS 2039 - waits for the clear signal to head west from BNSF's Hobson Yard, Lincoln, Nebraska. 10/28/01 - T. Greuter Photo

BNSF 9878 & 8838 - with a mile of empties exit the yard and head out west on the Ravenna line for the Wyoming coal fields. West mouth of Hobson Yard, Nebraska 3/17/01 - T. Greuter Photo



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