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Milwaukee Road 261 - Great Plains-west Rail Gallery
Milwaukee Road #261

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Milwaukee Road 261 puffs away at Lincoln Station. The sleek 4-8-4 steamer, built in 1944, uses 100 gallons of water every mile and burns a ton of coal every 15 miles. 6/18/00



Sounding a raspy whistle and sending a black plume that could be heard and seen for miles around, #261 rolls out from the passenger dock with a 12 car train bound for Omaha, Oreapolis, Louisville and South Bend then back to Lincoln on a four-hour rail excursion for the Nebraska Safety Express. 6/19/00

The steamer slowly worms out of the Lincoln Station yard with it's string of loaded passenger cars.

A brightly colored Millwaukee passenger car trails behind the smoke plume of #261 headed for Omaha.

Now speeding over 50 mph, #261 approaches the BNSF's 48th Street overpass.

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Photos taken in Lincoln, Nebraska unless otherwise noted.
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