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Life and Death of an SD40-2 / MoPac #3211 | Screaming Eagles

MoPac SD40-2 #3211

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Missouri Pacific #3211 - the Life and Death of an SD40-2
An exclusive photo series compiled by Jay Glenewinkel

The many changing faces of a MoPac locomotive, SD40-2 MP 3211 - it's life from Bluebird into Canary; in the Post-merger Era as the renumbered #4211; and finally its demise as it was involved in a headon collision in Devine, TX in 1997 - all seen in this unique set of photos. This is an exclusive series by Jay Glenewinkel.

In 1990, Jay was a crew van driver for MP (at that time it was still referred to as Missouri Pacific in San Antonio). He later later was a crew van driver for Southern Pacific, then again, from 1996 up until June 1997 (when the Devine Collision Occurred) he was a crew van driver for Union Pacific. Jay was personal friends with all 4 crew members involved in that Devine Wreck.

Max. Speed
MP 3211,
UP 4211
EMD SD40-2
EMD 16-645E3 V-type 16-cylinder 2-cycle Turbocharged
3,000 hp
65 mph
wrecked, 6/97
wore MP yellow in 3200 series

MP 3211 - leads a Northbound freight through Bracken Texas on a very rare snowy day in South Texas in January 1983. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 3211 - in UP colors is a part of a consist as it crosses the diamonds at tower 105 in San Antonio in May 1985. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

UP 4211 - (ex-MP 3211) head to the diesel shop at Sosan Yard in San Antonio for servicing in 1993. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

UP 4211 - was the second of three units on the northbound freight at the time of the collision in Devine, TX in June of 1997. It was the only SD40-2 involved in the collision. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

The wreckage from a wider view - Jay Glenewinkel Collection

The remains of the UP 4211 are temporarily set back on its trucks and moved out of the way to a service track about 1/2 mile away. The prime mover of the 4211 was removed, and the remainder of the locomotive was scrapped on site about a week later. -Jay Glenewinkel Photo

The remains of UP 4211 - sits on a service track in Devine, Texas in 1997. Here the 4211 is in the process of being scrapped out. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

Photo series
copyright 2001-2002 Jay Glenewinkel, all rights reserved. Anything but personal use of these photos is prohibited.

Featured photographers:
Jay Glenewinkel, Steve Rude

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