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JMA - Janesville to Madison
JMA usually comes on duty at 12:00, lining the train up in Janesville and then working north to Johnson St. Yard in Madison, to return to Janesville with the same crew.

JS/JSR - Janesville to Slinger
JS also puts it's train together in Janesville, working east to the Milwaukee area. If the JS gets held up too long in Milwaukee, a relief crew is called to bring the train back west to Janesville as JSR. JSR's crew will then occasionally be used to haul in a dead JMA or run a JEX train to Monroe or Elkhorn.

JC/CJ - Janesville to Chicago
Most interchange from the WSOR Southern Division goes through Janesville to and from BRC's Clearing Yard in Chicago.

JL - Janesville Local
Occasional train used for switching businesses in and immedeately surrounding Janesville. This train will sometimes run out to Milton to catch cars as well.

JEX - Janesville Extra
Trains that run to Monroe or Elkhorn are mostly run as extras out of Janesville, sometimes using a relief crew off JSR or JC/CJ.

UP/WSOR Ballast - Janesville to Rock Springs
Union Pacific runs ballast trains up from their South Janesville Yard through Madison and on to Rock Springs. These trains, using mostly UP power, commonly carry other manifest cars to and from Madison. The ballast trains are occasionally mixed with WSOR power and JMA's load to form a UP Ballast/JMA combo.