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Amtrak Simplified Dining Service

Amtrak Simplified Dining Service (SDS)

Steve Grande, Producer - Carl Morrison, Editor

Comments by Tom Hoffman

30 Mar 2006

"My wife  and I both found the food acceptable."  That seems to be the consensus of opinion that is taking shape. Most of
the complaints about Diner Lite seem to be related to the crews, not the food itself. It's not the 20th Century Limited, but neither is anything else on rails today. Most of the wailing and gnashing of teeth seems to be over nothing.

Then again, I'm someone who eats a lot of frozen dinners at home, and who patronizes mostly low-end restaurants.

As to the type of plates the food is served  on, a plate is merely a delivery vehicle. I'm not going to eat the plate regardless of what it's
made  of.

Tom Hoffman
Pearisburg VA