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Amtrak Simplified Dining Service

Amtrak Simplified Dining Service (SDS)

Russ Jackson Reply to Matthew Melzer's Comments (MelzerApril7.html):

4/7/2006 1:42:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Melzer:  Also, as Gene Poon has reported, fresh eggs are once again being made available in the morning.

Jackson:  Only if you want an omlette.  No eggs made to order.

Melzer:  The SDS menu concept is fluid and constantly evolving. Our vocal criticisms can help shape and improve future food service. But we better have our facts straight unless we want to be discredited. The caption to the photo of the diner on train 6 on our home page -- especially the use of the term "Diner Lite" -- puts us in that exact kind of danger.

Jackson:  Call it what you want.  I find it very objectionable that we are asked to go along with whatever Amtrak calls it, when responsible rail advocates are duty bound to say what it OUGHT to be.  The picture caption drives home the point that it AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE; nothing else.  And who is going to put us in danger?  Like all responsible journalists, I stand by my writing.  I do not  apologize for my 25 years of advocacy.  When others stand around apologizing for what Amtrak does, when others just wait for Amtrak to act and then are expected to fall in line in support,  that's not consumer advocacy to me.  Thanks for your comments, though, and I will be more accurate when the occasion arises.  As I write this our VP South, James Smith is on train #1 out of LAUS, where he will test the food service, whatever it's called, and let us know.  

Melzer:  Just my two cents,  Matt Melzer

Jackson:  And now you have mine.  Russ Jackson