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Amtrak Simplified Dining Service

Amtrak Simplified Dining Service (SDS)

Steve Grande, Producer - Carl Morrison, Editor

Matthew Melzer's Comments

Fri, 07 Apr 2006

Original e-mail (Fri, 7 Apr 2006 16:01:13 EDT) :

The April update of  is now posted. You will find new pictures, new commentaries, a Special Report on what Amtrak SHOULD BE DOING about its food and beverage service, and a San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee meeting report with a photo.    

Russ Jackson, RailPAC Secretary

Matthew Melzer's Comments (Fri, 07 Apr 2006 13:40:57):

Your characterization of revised LD food service on the
home page is less than fair. First of all, Diner Lite is a
loaded term that's been shamelessly co-opted to describe
any reductions or changes in dining service. Diner Lite
refers to the consolidated food service car concept that
Amtrak may implement on some routes next year. And even
then, there may still be two food service cars on routes
where demand warrants. Please don't conflate Diner Lite
with Simplified Dining Service, which is the actual name
of the current regimen being implemented. Also, as Gene
Poon has reported, fresh eggs are once again being made
available in the morning.

The SDS menu concept is fluid and constantly evolving. Our
vocal criticisms can help shape and improve future food
service. But we better have our facts straight unless we
want to be discredited. The caption to the photo of the
diner on train 6 on our home page -- especially the use of
the term "Diner Lite" -- puts us in that exact kind of

Just my two cents,
Matt Melzer