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Amtrak Simplified Dining Service

Amtrak Simplified Dining Service (SDS)

Steve Grande, Producer - Carl Morrison, Editor

Andrew Smith's The Capitol Limited Menu and Comments

Wed, 15 Mar 2006


Dinner on The Capitol Limited

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken:  rubbery, tough, difficult to chew

Broccoli: WAY overcooked, could not eat it (very tough)

Rice: not bad, tasted good, consistency was good

Salad: Normal salad, nothing unusual noted (the dressing for the salad was not put on by dining car staff...instead, there is a basket on each table that has small packets of various types of dressing)


New York Style Cheesecake

The dessert was great---the waiter or waitress cuts the slice of cake, and adds their own variation/amount of strawberries and whipped cream (she added A LOT to my cheesecake!)

Railroad French Toast

This was my tablemate¹s breakfast. She could not eat much of what you see in the photo. It arrived half warm and half frozen. She told the waitress and she said "I¹ll send it back down for a few more minutes in the microwave".

When it arrived the 2nd time, the french toast was mostly hard and only a small corner was actually "chewable". The eggs with sausage and cheese mixed in were very watery (according to my tablemate) and "tasteless".  As far as the turkey sausage links, well, in this case I think a picture is worth a thousand words.
The bowl of "mixed fruit" was, according to my tablemate, not very good. It was obviously "canned" and possibly had been open for a while-----perhaps the can was opened last night at dinner and not all of it was used? It looked like it had been open and refrigerated all night.

Western Omelet

This had to be the worst meal yet. As you can see by the picture, it does not look very appetizing. The turkey sausage sort of tasted like it looks. The omelet was just plain awful. The "ham" on top of it tasted very bland, and that¹s being kind! It was absolutely horrible. To me, it tasted (and looked) like one of those frozen breakfasts that can be purchased in the grocery store, and then put in the microwave for a minute or two. The potatoes that came with it were VERY rubbery and also had almost no taste to them. The croissant was very greasy and stale. I did not eat the croissant---not because I wasn¹t hungry---but because of how greasy it was and how stale it felt.

My meal was half warm and half cold also, and it got sent back to the microwave (according to the waitress) at the same time as the person sitting across from me.