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Helpful Hints, Tips And Tricks For Model Railroaders.

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Helpful  Hints,  Tips  And  Tricks  For  Model  Railroaders

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The following are some techniques I use when modeling.  Feel free to exploit or enhance as you see fit.

Upgraded : 5 / 8 / 2009




Sergent Engineering Coupler in a Kadee Scale Gearbox Modification

This diagram shows the modifications I made to a scale Kadee gearbox (as included with the #78 couplers) to work with a new Sergent Engineering coupler.


Modeling "sway" and "rocking" effects in Trackwork

I use this technique to achieve "rocking" and "swaying" effects in my trackwork.  If you've ever watched a train approaching from a distance you've surely seen how the locomotives and cars dip and sway and rock from side to side as they roll.  That effect can be modeled using this method.


Closer Coupling Technique

In certain applications on certain brands of models, I recommend the use of Kadee's #234 gearbox with a short-shank coupler to achieve a closer coupled look... as seen in the diagram.


ATLAS 'Snap Switch' Trick

Running short on space?  Need a turnout in a place where it just won't fit?  Try this on for size...  The diagram-link to the right shows my technique as applied two switches.  This application should also work with other brands of switches (turn-outs).  All you need is a steady hand and a DREMEL tool (or some other tool that will cut rail and plastic).


Snow/Protective Shed

Need a little extra 'coverage'?  I don't mean insurance... train coverage!!!  Has your railroad acquired a few too many locomotives and you've run out of stalls in the roundhouse?  Well... here's a quick and simple solution!!!  It's not your agerage, every-day, run-of-the-mill snow shed, but it will work for those who don't need prototype perfection or accuracy to 'snow-load specifications'.  Merely construct (using whatever materials you prefer), and glue to the side walls of the roundhouse.


Label Upgrade For ATLAS' #205 Connector, #210 TWIN, And #220 Controller

For those of you who use the ATLAS brand, I have created an alternative to the stock 'peel-and-stick' numbering labels that come with the ATLAS #205 Connector, the #210 Twin, and the #220 Controller.  The stock ones are grey with black numbers, consist only of numbers 1-10, a "WYE", "REVERSE LOOP", "TURNTABLE", and a few blank labels.  The stock labels are too dark, and their pre-cut size is too large to fit inside the designated area on the controllers.

The label package I have created has a yellow background with red trim and blue text, and consists of numbers 1-24, two "X" labels for unused buttons, "A1", "A2", and "A3" accessory labels, "FWD" and "REV" labels, "CW" for clockwise and "C CW" for counter clockwise labels, a "TT" for turntable label, "Y1", "Y2" and "Y" wye labels, two "REV LOOP" labels, and four way-freight labels - "WF1"-"WF4", as well as a number of blank labels.  Copy and save the diagram, print it out onto 'peel-and-stick' paper, cut them out, and upgrade away!!!  I recommend the use of a hobby knife with a new blade and a metal straight-edge for best results cutting out the labels.


More Coming Soon!!!


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