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Hot spots, operations, tips, and more for railfanning within Missouri.

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Hi, my name is Zach Pumphery. I'm a 19 year old railroader and railfan. I live in Harrisonville, MO on the Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad south of Kansas City, MO.

I used to live about ½ mile from the UP's Jonesboro Sub. at Malden, MO, and before that at Ash Hill along UP's Hoxie Sub. I've never lived more than ¾ of a mile from a railroad. I rode my first locomotive when I was 4 years old, and running that MP 2103, a GP38-2 when I was so small that I had to stand up in the seat to reach the horn, well, I guess that really sticks with you, and it was a hobby that I never grew out of.

I worked for Union Pacific Railroad between Villa Grove, IL and Chicago, IL as a Through Freight Conductor from 8-4-08 and 11-20-08 before I was let go.

I started with Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad, a RailAmerica Property on 10-15-09 as a Conductor. I am currently based out of Nevada, MO and work in through freight service.

I live with my beautiful girlfriend Caitlin and I couldn't be happier than I am when I am with her.

You can see my pictures and other contributed material on other sites all over the Internet, but I mainly post information on Yahoo Groups and I am mpchoochoo on Yahoo, and I'm UPTRAIN on every forum I participate in.

Thank you for visiting my site, and please come back again soon!


Zach Pumphery


On UP 352 at Villa Grove, IL on 10-15-08 on our day in the field during my conductor promotion class, CT8104. Photo by our awesome ex-CNW instructor, Kevin Hauser. Pictures left to right are: Daren Brown, me, Danny Grzegorek, and David Auker.

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