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Surabaya Gubeng Area




Surabaya Area:

Gubeng Station


Surabaya is officially is the Easternmost terminus for almost all Express trains from Jakarta, in Java Island, Indonesia. Although the Easternmost railway station station in Java island is the one in Banyuwangi, and some express trains terminated in nearby towns in Surabaya.

My photos are mostly taken in Surabaya's Gubeng Station. Although officially it's not the central station, but most train passengers regard this station as the central one, due to its vicinity which near elite shopping centres and glamorous places in Surabaya. Whereas the actual Central Station is located in a rather run down area near Atom Market, further to the North.

There is another important Station, which serving Javanese Northern line. It is the Pasar Turi Station (Turi Market Station). It serve mostly fast express trains.

At the moment, I only have pictures of Gubeng and Pasar Turi Station. As it's rather unsafe to visit other railroad facilities alone in Surabaya. Central Station is located in , quite, a theft-infested area. As well as Pasar Turi Station. Sidotopo and Pasar Turi Works is located in an area which is known as thug's suburb.

If you wished to see more pictures around Surabaya, I need your assistance to help me taking more pictures...



















A CC203 arrived at Surabaya's Gubeng Station, with 'Jatayu' Express train, bound for Malang.

This train has since been disappeared, due to poor patronage and the use of the fastest loco in Indonesia, which led to high operational cost.

A CC203 traversed alongside the legendary 'Bima' overnight Express train, at Gubeng Station, on its way to Sidotopo Works ( further to the right of picture). So, this loco is actually moving backward.

An early morning view of Gubeng Station. The approaching train in the background is the 'Turangga' express train from Bandung.

Don't be deceived by this photo. Although the view looked similar with Javanese country station, a high rise building is partially visible behind the mist.

Another view of the approaching Turangga train, with CC203 in front.

The platform in this picture has since been demolished, because it was rather too far from main station building. Its closer replacement is located further to the left, outside this picture.

A BB304 arrived at Gubeng station with unidentified train from Banyuwangi.

The train on right hand side is 'Gaya Baru' train bound for Jakarta. In front of it is CC201 (GE U18C) locomotive.

Frankly, somebody (in which I didn't know the name) made a racial mockery at me when I took this photo.

A CC201 arrived with tanker train.

Despite the fact that it was an 'Eidul Fitri' eve (it was the second day in 2002), the traffic was light enough to operate a freight train. Where usually the passenger traffic is so dense, that it's virtually impossible to operate a freight train during the eve.

A closer look of CC201. This loco was delivered from GE's Eyre plant in USA, decades ago.

And probably due to its age, this loco made a loud chugging noise. Even when it was idle.

A BB301 arrived at Gubeng Station with 'Gaya Baru' train on its back.

It is unusual that they used this diesel-hydraulic loco, instead of diesel-electric loco like CC201 above.

Another view of the same loco, when it was idle. Awaits its departure a few minutes later.

I talked with the driver, and he was glad that I took this photo. He said that this was a highlight in otherwise an unglamorous job of driving train for more that 24 hours from Surabaya to Jakarta.

So, I give my tribute to these unsung heroes who worked hard on transporting people to their ultimate destination.