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Shannondell is located in
Audubon, Pennsylvania.

All Aboard!

The Shannondell Model Railroad Club
Open exclusively to residents of the Shannondell community.

2019 Executive Board

President -
Bruce Wintersteen
Vice President - Rich Keckley

Treasurer - Paul Tartar

Secretary - Bob Watson
Executive Board - Frank Luther, Betty Smiley, Gerry Williams, Bob Cadmus

The Train Room is located on the lower level of the Ashcroft Clubhouse.

Club meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month
at 2:15 p.m. in the Movie Theater.
To contact us, call the Shannondell concierge at

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Train Room Access 

The Train Club welcomes all Shannondell residents and guests, young and old.  We will have scheduled Open Houses during the holiday season.  However, Shannondell residents may have a special occasion with family or friends when you would like to be able to see the train layout.  If you will give us some advance notice, we will do our best to have the room open and the trains operating.  In addition, whenever the door is open, come on in.

Please contact any one of the following members to gain access to the room:

Bruce Wintersteen 7286    Bob Watson 6456  
Paul Tartar 6854       Rich Keckley 5224

A History of Our Club

        After Shannondell's completion of the 25' x 30' room, construction of the train platform started in early August 2005.  The group of carpenters was led by Carmen Molinaro who was assisted by Bob Port, Stan Leitsch, Pat Hughes, and John Bubser.   The platform  was completed in September of 2005.

The design of the train platform was formally laid out by Bob Port with suggestions from Dick Joyce and many of the other club members. 

Most of the cork roadbed and track was laid by Bruce Smiley, Bob Port, and Tom Thiermann.  The first sections of the track were ceremonially nailed together by Jim Sorom using a gold-painted real railroad spike on September 28, 2005.  Additional sections of track were laid at a later date by this group with the help of Joe Fulton and John Bubser.

Marty Umanoff designed the scenery for the platform and was assisted by Skip Fredericks, Pat Hughes and Colin Tant in laying out mountains and rivers.  He has instructed several other club members in making trees and other scenery projects and this group has included Isabelle Guernsey, Pat Barthmaier, Sara Rao, Bob Sprau, Doris Karpinski, and Skip and Phyllis Fredericks.

 Assembly of the model kits of houses and buildings has been done by John Fledderjohn, Jim Mullin, Tom Thiermann, and Skip Fredericks.

The electrical work, consisting of power to the track and the lighting of the buildings, street lamps, and amusements, has been handled by Bob Port, Paul Tartar and Bob Epping.

Many donations of rolling stock have been made to the Club and the items have been inventoried by Pat Hughes.  Working to repair or modify these items are Jim Mullin, Harry Cyphers, Colin Tant, and John Bubser.  Donations of structures have been inventoried by Stan Leitsch.  All of these donations have been gratefully accepted by the Club.

A special mention should be made of all of the work and dedication put into starting the SMRRC by Dick Joyce, our first club president, who passed away in March of 2006.  He played an active part in every phase of the start-up of this project.

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