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H-5 Internal Unit


The internal unit for the H-5 searchlight signal is a radical departure from that used in the H and H-2 styles.  The redesign was an attempt at making servicing the signal easier.  Improvements included the addition of a swing up carrying handle, the elimination of the inner compound lens from the front of the unit, a separate light assembly unit, the replacement of bolts used to secure the unit in the housing with a lever mechanism and addition of pin type connectors as opposed to terminal screws.

Below.  Rear view of internal unit showing colored roundels behind a protective glass.  A carrying handle lifts up to enable easy handling of the unit.  The terminal pins and rotating terminal locking bar are on the top of the back of the unit.

Above and left.  Side and top views.


Above.  Front view of internal unit.  Note the conical cover glass as opposed to a lens.  This shape was used over a flat glass as it enables the glass to expand and contract easier decreasing the chance of breakage due to heat build-up.  Later roundels also have this shape.

Below.  Light unit with integral adjustable voltage dropping resistor in rear.