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March 2022, Issue 3

Donna & Larry Grady, Bob & Patti Moffit & Al Schmidt

Welcome to 2022 and

Our First Gathering of the Year:

Annual Luncheon

Fred & Ethel’s at

Lantern Light Restaurant


Our thanks to Donna Grady for setting this wonderful luncheon meeting.

Our Thanks to Dr Mike for his invocation and the setup of our group photo.  


Attending were Larry & Donna Grady, Dr Mike and Pat Lurakis, Anita Brown, John Bair, Bob and Patti Moffit, Walt Steinle, Phil Hatrak, Suzanne Cantanese, Lou Ricciardi, Alice Irizarry, Rick and Patti Lewis,  Brian and Clair Steager (not shown), and Al and Bobbie Schmidt.

Short Business Meeting

President Lou Ricciardi opened our business meeting with a welcome to everyone.

Treasurer’s report was given by Donna Grady and announced that we have 24 families in our club.

Web Site report by Al Schmidt, it is continuing to operate. A poll of those was that we all like the distribution of photos and videos, so he will continue to do that.

Sunshine, Patti Moffat reported that the cards send is back and she will be sending out birthday cards.

Spring Activities:

A)   A question was raised about a Spring show at the Battleship. Al reported that he had not heard anything from our contact, Jack Willard, at the Battleship NJ. Al will send out a note to Jack, to see what might be in their plans for the Spring.

B)    Walt Steinle reported that he has repaired both our mogul engines and they run on a short test track, but he needs volunteers to do a full run. Larry Grady and Al Schmidt agreed to do the test. Our heartfelt Thanks to Walt for his repair of these engines (as well at the Thomas engines in real time on the Battleship.

C)    We have dates for tow club meetings. The first is Saturday, April 23rd at Brian and Clair Steager’s home at Green Planet. Al and Bobbie Schmidt will host a meeting at their home on Saturday, May 14th, the Saturday after Mother’s Day.

D)   There was some discussion about setting a tour later in the year. Some ideas were: a tour Steam Museum at Auburn Heights, Black River and Western rail trip, and the Wilmington & Western rail trip.


Next Meeting

Saturday, May 14th at 1 PM,

Bobbie and Al Schmidt’s

1106 Mercer Drive

Haddonfield, NJ 08033

If you plan on going, please let Bobbie or Al know:

856 672-0172 /

And if you will be bringing something to share.

 News you need to know

We have a new member family,

James and Estella (Estly) Keene

They currently have HO and have new G-scale

Please see our updated director for their complete information.

Welcome to you both.


If you want to order a club shirt or hat, please contact Donna Grady (856-745-5438)

January Open for Meeting
February Open for Meeting
March 19 Annual Luncheon,1PM at Fred & Ethel's
April 24 Cancelled
May 14 Mtg @ the Schmidt’s
June Open for Meeting
June Open House Tour (TBD)
July No Meeting
August Open for Meeting
September Open for Meeting
October Open for Meeting
November Open for Meeting (Nominations)
December OC Train Show 1st Weekend-Setup Fri./Battleship NJ Show (TBD)

*Dates are subject to change
Please Check for Updates

If you would like to have a meeting in 2022 contact Al Schmidt. Dates can be changed but we need to set up our schedule in order to plan for shows etc. Contact: or 856-672-0172

If you know someone who would like to advertise in our newsletter, have them send their business card (with a check for $25 which will cover their ad for one year) to:

Al Schmidt
1106 Mercer Dr.
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

We now have a business card that we hand out to people who inquire about our club. Please pick some up, if you can and hand them out to anyone who you think may be interested.

South Jersey
Railroad Society
1106 Mercer Drive
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

For membership informationl:
E-mail our Webmaster:

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