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The South Jersey S Gaugers is very proud to have received these recognitions by some of the best evaluators on the WEB. Please take a minute and allow us to puff up our chests - and show off our awards! 

Click on the Award image to browse the sites that offer these prestigious notes of accomplishment. 

TrainNet Web Gem Award

Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that your web site "South Jersey S Gaugers" has been selected as a recipient of the coveted Web Gem Award from the TrainNet Forum on CompuServe.

Dorr Altizer
Tad Lane Creations

Odonata Award image

I have just been visiting your fine web-site. Here, at last, is the Odonata Award for Excellent Rail Pages. 

Jackie Atkinson
Dragonfly Landing:

The Smokin' Award at
Jerry Hartzler
Webmaster of 
the Smokin' Award at  

Congratulations!. You have won the esteemed Smokin' Award. After a thorough review, I am proud to present South Jersey S Gaugers with a *Silver* Smokin' Award. The work and effort that you have put into your site is commendable. I found it to be very informative, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Truly a Smokin' site! 

As stated in the criteria, this award is not freely given away but must be earned. South Jersey S Gaugers has certainly earned it. I have put in a lot of enjoyable time judging your site and wish that you proudly display this award.

Train Gifs Station
Chris Denbow, Webmaster 
Train Gifs Station

I am pleased to present you the Silver Highball Award for your South Jersey S Gaugers site. The site is very informative, well built, the photos are great and quick loading and I enjoyed my visit very much. Great job and keep up the excellent work.

Golden Award

South Jersey S Gaugers has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award.

You and Your Staff at South Jersey S Gaugers have Obviously Worked Very Hard. 
- Proudly Display Your Award -

Railroad Artist Award Image

Congratulations! Your site has been reviewed and will receive the recently established Railroad Artist Award. I hope you take pride in this award given to only the best of railroad related sites.

Roger S. Gilbert
The Rail Artist Website

Australian Model Railway

Your site has been reviewed and has received one of only four such awards.

Australian Model Railway Association Incorporated


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