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Rick Wark 's RR

Rick's layout is a traditional HiRail layout with added electronic enhancements to allow for automated operation. Rick has used Dallee block control trips, point-to-point controllers, and an automated lighted system to add much to the enjoyment of his layout operation. Rick can run six trains at once on five loops, and as an avid Flyer collector - the trains he runs are top notch!

These images are thumbnails, click on an image to see the full-size picture.

The West End. The North End. The East Side. Point-to-point track.
The West End
The North End
The East End
Hank takes a photo. Trainmaster Rick. Enjoying the view. Speeding past the tower.
Taking pictures
Rick runs the trains
SJSG club visit
Watering the diesel?
Pulling into the station. UP "Challenger". Multiple levels. .
Flyer 326
Repainted 336
Trains on every level

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