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I recently ordered a few of the motor kits just released by Steve Blackburn and Sam Rapp of S-n'-S Trains and AF Retrofits. They are drop-in can motor replacements for the Flyer armature and field assemblies. I purchased the kits with the rectifier option to convert an AC motor (a kit without the rectifier is available for DC operation.)

Steve includes instructions on how to connect the rectifier to the existing e-unit to maintain the original "forward-neutral-reverse-neutral" cycle and use existing AC transformers. The first picture shows the entire kit (motor, bracket, screws, rectifier, wire and instructions) and the second picture shows a close-up of the motor/bracket/worm gear assembly.

The machining is well done (the worm gear may need to be slightly smoothed to remove the sharp edges of the gear). I have not yet tried to mount the motor to an engine, but it appears that won't be a problem.

Here is Steve's announcement message:

For those of you that have been tempted and/or curious about the can motors, keep your eyes peeled for a revue in S-Gaugian magazine. For those of you that already bought some, thanks and even more thanks for your kind words on them. They are a great replacement option for those that have dead armatures or dead field magnets.

They are also the perfect option for running DCC or other similar operations. They are now available at retail prices through us or through Port Lines Hobby who is our national distributor. They will be available through other S-gauge dealers soon.

The prices are $25.95 (without rectifier) and $31.95 (with rectifier).

The can motor kit
Close-up of motor shaft

You may contact or via e-mail for more information.

or via snail-mail at:

S-n'-S Trains and AF Retrofits
10504 Fairview Ave
Boise, Idaho 83704

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