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Joe Balcer is one of our club's best mechanical designers and is quickly becoming a great modeler. In this little project, Joe combines his two skills to create an animated accessory for the new SJSG layout (which is under construction). The ice house features a reefer at the loading dock getting loaded with blocks of ice, and one of the two ice chutes has moving cubes of ice that actually fall into the waiting reefer! Of course, Joe won't tell me the secret of what happens to the ice once it gets into the reefer . . . and I waited while they loaded the ice for 20 minutes and never found out!

These images are thumbnails, click on an image to see the full-size picture.

Joe's Animated Ice House
Joe Balcer designed and built the Animated Ice-House

Twin ice chutes
The right ice chute features moving blocks of ice that actually drop into the open hatches on the reefer car.

Belt in action
This image shows the blocks of ice moving down the chute.

Drive mechanism 
Here's the good stuff!

Joe Balcer
Joe "Metalman" Balcer  is our go-to guy for anything mechanical  in the SJSG.

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