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Here is a suggestion for a quick project that you can use to improve pictures of your favorite models. Bill Lane, a SJSG club member, takes lots of photographs of models for products and projects. To facilitate taking the best picture possible, Bill has put together a special module that he uses as the base for taking his pictures. The module is made using a 4 inch elevated base dressed to look like an embankment, and contains a hand laid single track about 3' long. Bill used tie plates, splicer bars and almost 800 spikes in that length. One side is a continuous scene, and the other is 3 small scenes about 1' long each. The track sits on because Bill likes to take photos where the viewpoint is looking slightly upward to the car. Just to prove you don't have to be a scenery expert - Bill got some assistance from his friend Doc Patti to put together the scenic base, then he added the detailed track.

Two-sided display track Track Detail
Side one of the scenic module
Side two of the scenic module

Track details
Detail on the wall The final Shot
A scenic wall
A completed model photo
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