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Past SJSS Club Projects and Products

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Valley Forge Convention Car
Pennsylvania Railroad Merchandising Box Car

PRR Merchandising car
(Photo by Bill Lane)

The PRR Merchandising car was produced for the SJSG by Pacific Rail Shop. As one of the host clubs of the Valley Forge "S" Convention, it was our privilege to produce the Convention Car. It was a 50' Box Car in PRR red with a silver stripe with red and white accent markings. The car was the first model ever produced that had the silver stripe through the door. As our first club car project, it was a huge success (of course the convention may have had something to do with that!)

Full size (1:1) model of the PRR Service Merchandise car
Prototype of PRR Merchandising car
(Photo from Bill Lane Collection)

Double Door AAR Automobile Car - The 
"Pennsylvania Railroad X-37-B"

X-37b automobile car
(photo by Bill Lane)

"To celebrate our FIFTH Anniversary, the South Jersey 'S' Gaugers, in conjunction with Pacific Rail Shop, is proud to announce the FIRST Double Door AAR Automobile Car - The 'Pennsylvania Railroad X-37-B' in several road numbers." 

The above announcement comes from the original announcement flyer in late 1994. Unfortunately, this quality injection molded model is no longer available. The SJSG contracted Pacific Rail Shop to produce an additional run of these cars in two new numbers after our first introduction of this car sold out. There were four road numbers made in all, one has "Buy War Bonds" emblazoned on the side, another has "Return to Michigan".

"Buy War Bonds"

The AAR X37B is an unique model kit crafted with traditional Pacific Rail Shops quality. The car is in PRR Box car red with white letters and insignia. The car was available with an assortment of Hi-Rail and Scale trucks and couplers. The selling price for the kit was $35.00.

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