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The Waybill

The Waybill
The Official Newsletter of the South Jersey S-Gaugers, Inc.

Ed Claypoole

The SJSG newsletter is one means of keeping our members informed of events and activities in the club. The first issue of the WAYBILL newsletter appeared on August 21, 1989 and was published whenever it could be. Now, the newsletter is a bi-monthly publication that features news, tips, members articles, and meeting minutes. The following excerpts from several past issues of the Waybill have been split up into multiple WEB pages to reduce the download time from the Internet. Page one is the original page, and new articles will be collected successive pages.

Waybill articles, page 1
From Jan/Feb 1995

Waybill articles, page 2
From Jul/Aug 1997


Waybill articles, page 3
From Jan/Feb 2000

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