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The Ultimate Railfan Guide to the Southern Tier Line

The Ultimate Railfan Guide to the

Southern Tier Line 

This page is dedicated to my BEST friend PETER

Updated: History Page!
New: Norfolk Southern Operating Plan!

I am currently looking for as much information on the history of the Southern Tier Line I can possibly find.  I am focusing on stuff like maps, charts, track diagrams, freight schedules, etc.  If you have anything that you can contribute, PLEASE DO!  Send all contributions to Bohdan O. Yaremko. Thank you for your help and cooperation!

I am planning on setting up a "News" page in the near future.  It will cover news concerning the line and, eventually, train updates.  However, I will need YOUR HELP for this!  Please forward ALL NEWS concerning the Southern Tier Line to me.

History Page Updated!

Norfolk Southern Operating Plan New!

Photo Album

Schedules Now including NJ Transit/Metro-North Schedules!

Radio Frequencies

Track Maps, Rules, etc. (Employee Timetable)

News (forthcoming!)

The Fate of the Southern Tier Line (Articles)

The Southern Tier Interlocking


If you would like to contribute any information that is pertinent to the Southern Tier Line, please send e-mail to Bohdan O. Yaremko.

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