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The Southern Tier Photo Album

Well, here it is!  My first batch of photos from the Southern Tier.  I have almost 100 photos from all along the Tier, and I have finally put together the first photo album.  During the summer, I will add more photo albums as I scan the mountain of pictures that I have.  As I am going to my summer cabin near Narrowsburg, NY, I will also railfan the line very often and take more pictures whenever possible.

narrows.jpg (77046 bytes) NYSW train 258 sits at CP-Narrows early in the morning of July 6, 1997, waiting to meet its counterpart, train 257.  CP-Nobody, located at MP 121.0, marks the eastern beginning of four miles of double track that go through Narrowsburg, NY.  This switch is a spring switch, which is typical of most between Port Jervis and Binghamton.  The little green light means that the switch is sprung properly: for the diverging track.
Fourty-five minutes later, train 257 enters the block, lighting up signal 120W.  The aspect, red-over-green-over-red, is typical of most areas between Port Jervis and Binghamton where the single track becomes double. sig120w.jpg (26348 bytes)
257nar.jpg (65111 bytes) At 6:58am, westbound train 257 shows up with one-sixth of Susie-Q's locomotive roster.  Pulling 257 were B40-8 4004, B40-8 4002, SD45 3634, and SD45 3618.
Here is another view of train 257.  You can see train 258 waiting in the background.  Note that the signal has already changed to red. 257meet.jpg (75986 bytes)
258nar.jpg (63910 bytes) Seven minutes later, train 257 clears and 258 starts heading east.  In the lead are SD45 3614 and SD70M 4054.
Here is a view of SD70M 4054 on train 258.  Note the knocked-out number board on the right. 258nobrd.jpg (77515 bytes)

On Thursday, July 10, 1998, four days after the above pictures were taken, my friend Peter (to whom this web site is dedicated) and I went on a railfanning expedition to town by bike in the early morning.  We were there hardly four and a half hours, but we saw four trains!  The following pictures are from that trip.

256lumbr.jpg (97581 bytes) Our first catch of the day came less than half an hour after we came.  At 7:50am, eastbound NYSW train 256 showed up.  This shot was taken from behind the curve just east (south) of Narrowsburg Lumber.  Leading 256 were SD70M 4054 and SD45 3614.  Train 256, like all Susie-Q trains, can occasionally have manifest freight in the front, as was the case in this picture.  Again, note the knocked-out number board on the right, as seen in the previous picture.
After train 256 went by, we heard of train 257 (crew change) on the scanner.   For over two hours, there was nothing and we started losing hope.  Then, at 10:35, another eastbound, probably either train 252 or SQ-100, made an appearance.   Leading it were B40-8 4004 and B40-8 4002, elephant style. susie-q1.jpg (84698 bytes)
susie-q2.jpg (83634 bytes) An hour later, at 11:38, a westbound showed up.  This was probably either train 259 or SQ-99.  Leading it were SD45 3612, SD45 3634, and CP Rail SD40M-2 5497.   Besides manifest freight, there was a string of autorackers, which is typical of SQ-99.  This train stopped for about 10 minutes with the last 15 cars still fouling the switch.  My guess is that the crew needed something to eat!
Here is a close-up view of CPRS "Dual Flags" SD40M-2 5497.  Note that it is actually an SD45 (which probably explains the "M" in its model designation). cprail.jpg (80732 bytes)
stlandh.jpg (83200 bytes) Finally, at 11:56, train 257 showed up with a colorful engine consist in the lead.  Pulling 257 were StL&H (CP Rail) SD40 5542, NYSW SD70M 4050, and NS GP60 7107.  At the time, StL&H 5542 was one of only few CP Rail engines painted in the StL&H paint scheme.  The fact that there were no manifest freight or autorack cars ahead of the double-stacks (or anywhere in the consist) is characteristic of 257.

I would like to thank my father, Mykola, for scanning these pictures and thus making this page possible.  Please send any photos that you may have from the Southern Tier to Bohdan O. Yaremko.

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