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Texas Railroad Sesquicentennial - Sesquicentennial Sunday - Gulf Coast

Texas Railroad Sesquicentennial: 
Gulf Coast

Sunrise at Harrisburg. Jimmy Barlow was present early on the morning of Sunday, September 7, 2003 -- the 150th anniversary of railroad service in the state of Texas -- to document the location (now a fairly nondescript neighborhood of Houston) where it all began. During the many decades since the construction of the BBB&C, the track arrangement at the Tower 30 / Katy Neck interlocking has been realigned and the first half-mile of track extending from the BBB&C's point of origin to this location has been removed. Had it been left intact, the original alignment would continue straight ahead through the trees.

The track crossing from left to right in the foreground is the former Galveston, Houston & Henderson; its crossing of the BBB&C was the second railroad crossing constructed in the state of Texas.

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