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Angelina & Neches River Railroad

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Angelina & Neches River Railroad

The Angelina & Neches River Railroad operates 15 miles of track in and around the east Texas town of Lufkin. The A&NR's headquarters are located in north Lufkin; the actual physical location of the small A&NR yard and shop building is known as "Prosser".

A&NR's primary customers are businesses associated with the lumber and paper manufacturing industries. According to the 5th edition of Kalmbach's American Shortline Railway Guide, © 1996, the A&NR is partially owned by paper producer Champion International, which (coincidentally) also owns the Moscow, Camden & San Augustine Railroad, located in nearby Camden.

The A&NR conducts its business with three locomotives: Alco S4 # 12, EMD SW1500 # 1500, and GP38-2 # 2000. During my visit to Lufkin on an extremely rainy morning in May 2000, I was only able to photograph the Alco switcher. Maybe someday I'll get back there to photograph the rest. To see photos of their other two locomotives, and for some additional information on the railroad, check out the following link:

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  ANR sign - Lufkin, TX Photographed May 19, 2000: the sign outside the A&NR's offices and shop buildings at Lufkin, Texas. The sign denotes the fact that 2000 is the 100th anniversary year of the A&NR.
  ANR at Lufkin, TX Angelina & Neches River locomotive # 12, an Alco S4 built in 1958, approaches the Donohue paper mill in east Lufkin on May 19, 2000.
  ANR at the Donohue paper mill - Lufkin, TX On a rainy May 19, 2000, Angelina & Neches River S4 # 12 makes a switch move at the Donohue paper mill in east Lufkin.
  ANR Alco S4 - Lufkin A&NR S4 # 12 has delivered its train to the Donohue paper mill in east Lufkin, and "smokes it up" in true Alco form as it runs light back to the shop building at Prosser. Photographed May 19, 2000.

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