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Childress, Texas - J.T.'s Drive-In Bar-B-Q

0-4-0 meat smoker - Childress, TX

This " 0-4-0 " meat smoker was photographed outside
J.T.'s Drive-In Bar-B-Q in Childress, Texas in January 2004.

J.T.'s Drive-in Bar-B-Q

J.T.'s Drive-In Bar-B-Q (and locomotive-shaped smoker)
in Childress, Texas. January 2004.

When traveling, I often stop to photograph roadside curiosities and anomalies that help to capture the character of a town or location. If the items are railroad-related, so much the better! One such example is this meat smoker shaped like a steam locomotive (I guess this would be an 0-4-0) located at J.T.'s Drive-In Bar-B-Q in Childress, Texas, a town which was once the home of FW&D's locomotive shops.

Someone else will have to testify as to the quality of their food; they were closed in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday when I took these photos in January 2004.

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