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Ft Worth & Western 4-6-0 2248

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Built in 1896, Ft. Worth & Western's Cooke 4-6-0 steam locomotive is the only operating steam locomotive in the state of Texas that was built before the end of the 19th century. According to the Tarantula train website (, the locomotive spent several decades operating on the Southern Pacific, and in 1959 was purchased by Chas T. Brown, a private collector who planned to operate it in coordination with Walt Disney at a proposed railroad theme park in California. The plans eventually fell through when Walt Disney went on to open Disneyland, and the steam locomotive was acquired by the Texas State Railroad in 1974.

Ft. Worth & Western acquired the 2248 in 1990, and spent approximately two years restoring the engine at its 8th Avenue facility southwest of downtown Ft. Worth, at a cost of approximately $1 million. The locomotive made its public debut in December 1991, when it began a series of break-in runs on FWWR local freights in Ft. Worth. Early in 1992, the 2248 began operating on FWWR's Tarantula tourist trains, which ran between FWWR's yard at 8th Avenue and the Ft. Worth Stockyards.

2248's workload increased when FWWR acquired a former Cotton Belt branch between Ft. Worth and Carrollton and extended the route of the Tarantula train to the former Cotton Belt depot at Grapevine. In 1999, when Coe Rail, Inc. took over the operation of the Tarantula from FWWR, many observers predicted that the end of operating steam on FWWR was near. The end apparently materialized in January 2000, when Coe sidelined the 2248 in favor of its own Texas Star Clipper F7 diesels as power for Tarantula train power. Now in need of serious mechanical work, the 2248 has not operated since, and is currently stored across the street from the old Cotton Belt depot in Grapevine. Coe Rail has since left FWWR property, and FWWR has resumed operating the Tarantula, powering the train with one of its diesels.

A new lease on life for the 2248 may be coming; a September 6, 2000 Ft. Worth Star-Telegram article mentioned that the City of Grapevine is considering assuming the operation of the Tarantula train, in response to an offer extended by FWWR owner Bill Davis. City officials, wary of the public fascination of steam locomotives and the likelihood that an operating steam engine will draw more tourists to town than would a diesel-powered train, may eventually fund some of the 2248's repair expenses.

For more information on the 2248 and the Tarantula passenger train, visit the Tarantula's official website at

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  FWWR 2248 - Ft Worth TX 04 / 93 This side view of Ft. Worth & Western 4-6-0 steam locomotive # 2248 was taken at 8th Avenue in Ft Worth on April 16, 1993.
  FWWR 2248 - break-in runs - December 1991 During the break-in period that followed the completion of its restoration, FWWR assigned 4-6-0 2248 to some light switching duties prior to introducing it to daily passenger service runs between 8th Avenue and the Ft Worth Stockyards. On December 30, 1991, FWWR 2248 has one boxcar in tow during a switch move at FWWR's 8th Avenue Yard in Ft Worth.
  FWWR 2248 - break-in runs During its break-in period in December 1991, FWWR 4-6-0 2248 performs FWWR's interchange work with the UP near downtown Ft Worth.
  FWWR 2248 at 8th Ave With the Ft Worth skyline in the background, FWWR 2248 leads a Tarantula passenger train at 8th Avenue on December 6, 1993.
  FWWR 2248 - Ft Worth Stockyards turntable On October 27, 1992, Ft Worth & Western 2248 takes a spin on the turntable at the Ft Worth Stockyards after arriving with a passenger train from 8th Avenue.
  FWWR 2248 - Ft Worth Stockyards While the Tarantula passenger train is stopped to load and unload passengers at the Ft. Worth Stockyards, an FWWR crew member has time to visit with tourists on October 27, 1992.
  FWWR 2248 - Ft. Worth TX FWWR 2248 leads a 2-car passenger train between Trinity Park and 8th Avenue in Ft Worth on December 6, 1993. The train has just passed underneath Interstate 30 west of downtown Ft Worth.
  FWWR 2248 - Ft. Worth's Trinity Park On April 11, 1999, FWWR 2248 leads a westbound train through Ft. Worth's Trinity Park. This special train was operated as part of Ft Worth & Western's "Railfan Weekend" on April 10-11, during which the 2248 made "rare-mileage" runs to Carrollton and Granbury.
  FWWR 2248 - Primrose, TX FWWR 2248 leads a westbound train through Primrose, Texas (on the former Santa Fe Dublin Sub) on April 11, 1999. The specially operated train was part of Ft Worth & Western's "Railfan Weekend" on April 11, 1999.
  FWWR 2248 - Mustang Creek Ft Worth & Western 2248 leads the westbound Granbury Limited, a special train operated as part of FWWR's "Railfan Weekend", over Mustang Creek between Ft Worth and Granbury on April 11, 1999.
  FWWR 2248 - Colleyville, TX FWWR 2248 leads a westbound Grapevine-to-Ft. Worth train through Colleyville, Texas on October 23, 1999.
  FWWR 2248 - Haltom City,  TX FWWR 2248 leads the westbound Tarantula train over I-820 in Haltom City, TX on October 23, 1999.
  FWWR 2248 meets FWWR 4299 - Ft Worth TX FWWR 4-6-0 2248 salutes GP7 4299 as it approaches the Ft. Worth Stockyards with a Tarantula passenger train on October 23, 1999
  Watering FWWR 2248 - Ft. Worth Stockyards After the passenger cars have been spotted for unloading, the FWWR 2248 takes on water at the Ft Worth Stockyards on October 23, 1999.
  FWWR 2248 and Bondo Flyer F7 - Grapevine, TX The date is January 16, 2000. Ft Worth & Western 2248 will soon be departing Grapevine with the Tarantula passenger train. Occupying the adjacent track is Coe Rail's Texas Star Clipper dinner train.
  FWWR 2248  - Grapevine, TX On January 16, 2000, FWWR 2248 leads the westbound Tarantula passenger train out of the depot at Grapevine TX. This would be the last day that the 2248 would operate; the locomotive was sidelined the following day for mechanical work falling under the responsibility of then-operator Coe Rail. In March, a collision between a Ft Worth & Western freight and a passenger train operated by Coe resulted in Coe Rail relinquishing the operation of the Tarantula train and turning it back over to the Ft. Worth & Western, but the steam engine still awaits the repairs necessary to make it operational again. The Tarantula train continues to operate, albeit with FWWR diesel locomotives in place of the steam engine.

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