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Ft. Worth & Western - Visitors

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Ft. Worth & Western - Visitors

This page is dedicated to the unusual, obscure, leased and foreign road locomotives that have visited the Ft. Worth & Western over the past five years. The motive power situation on the FWWR became especially interesting early in 1999 following FWWR's acquisition of the ex-ATSF Dublin Sub from South Orient. This purchase greatly expanded the total mileage of FWWR's trackage, and the railroad needed additional locomotives to keep the freight moving until three ex-CP GP35's arrived later that year. During power crunches, in addition to borrowing locomotives on short-term lease agreements from hometown Class 1 neighbor BNSF and neighboring north Texas shortlines Dallas, Garland, & Northeastern and Texas Northeastern, FWWR has also relied on various private leasing companies to fulfill its short term power needs.

Presented below are some of the more interesting and colorful locomotives that have visited the FWWR.

Please click on any of the following pictures to see a larger image:

  Central Kansas GP38-2 at Hodge Central Kansas GP38-2s 381 and 382 spent the latter portion of the year 2000 lending a hand to the power-short Ft. Worth & Western while the railroad awaited the arrival of new locomotives. Pictured here is the 381 at Hodge yard in Ft. Worth, in November 2000.
  Texas Southern F7 - Ft Worth - November 1995 In the fall of 1995, former Texas Southern F7 104 was on FWWR property in Ft. Worth, Texas, photographed near downtown on November 18, 1995. This locomotive is a former U.S. Steel engine that worked on the Transcisco Texan Dining Train in the San Antonio in the early '90s. I have no idea for the reason behind its presence on the Ft. Worth & Western (but note the FWWR lettering on the nose). I am also unaware of its disposition and its present location.
  MidSouth GP10 1022 MidSouth GP10 1022 was at FWWR's 8th Avenue Yard in Ft. Worth on July 31, 1997.
  ATSF GP20s on FWWR - Ft Worth Winter of 1998-99 brought some interesting power to the Ft Worth & Western, as the FWWR's acquisition of the ex-Santa Fe Dublin Sub from South Orient increased the road's motive power needs. On FWWR under short-term lease from BNSF were three ex-ATSF GP20s, pictured here at Hodge on January 17, 1999. BNSF had stored all of its GP20s by this time, so the three on FWWR ended up being the last of BNSF's GP20s still in revenue service.
  ATSF GP20 and GRR GP38s on FWWR - Ft Worth An ATSF GP20 and three ex-GRR (Georgetown RR) GP38s occupy the service tracks at FWWR's Hodge Yard in Ft Worth on March 16, 1999.
  GRR 4161 on FWWR at Hodge - March 1999 The only red locomotive among the four ex-GRR GP38s on FWWR property in early 1999 was the 4161, photographed at Hodge in the company of an ex-ATSF GP20 on March 16, 1999. Ex-GRR 4160, 4162, and 4163, also on FWWR property for a short time early in 1999, were all painted solid black.
  DJPX switchers at Hodge - March 1999 In early 1999, two primer-gray switch engines carrying DJPX reporting marks (representing the Transportation Services Division of the David J. Joseph Company) spent some time at FWWR's Hodge Yard in north Ft. Worth. Photographed between assignments at Hodge on March 21, 1999 were DJPX 1204 and 99.
  DJPX switchers at Hodge - March 1999 Due to their short-lived presence on FWWR property, Coe Rail's F7 locomotives and the Texas Star Clipper dinner train could be considered "visitors" to FWWR in their own right, but the BNSF GP39E makes this photograph even more noteworthy. Coe's Texas Star Clipper F7 407 leads a westbound Tarantula passenger train out of Grapevine, Texas on January 23, 2000, trailed by BNSF GP39E 2911, added to help power the extra long train (6 cars, expanded to accommodate passengers going to the Ft Worth Stock Show & Rodeo).

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