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The Southwest Railfan - railroads of Texas and the Southwest

The Southwest Railfan

Wes Carr's website featuring photos and information on railroads in Texas and the Southwestern United States.
Features include shortlines, Class Ones, commuter lines, light rail, industrials, abandoned lines, and more.

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FWWR, Fort Worth and Western, Ft. Worth & Western, Ft Worth & Western, Cahoots, Tarantula, 
Grapevine, GCSR, GCSS, Gulf Colorado & San Saba, Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe, San Saba,
RSP, Roscoe Snyder & Pacific, Roscoe, Snyder, Fluvanna, Orient, Santa Fe Southern, 
Santa Fe Southern Railway, SFSR,  Pecos, Pecos Valley
Southern, PVS, DGNO, Dallas Garland & Northeastern, Dingo, Digno, Dogno, MCSA, Moscow Camden 
and San Augustine, MC&SA, Camden, Moscow, ANR, A&NR, Angelina and Neches River, Angelina & 
Neches River, Neches River, Angelina, Lufkin, Angelina and Neches River Railroad, 
SFSR, Coe Rail, Bondo Flyer, Texas Star Clipper, Ft Worth, Ft. 
Worth, Fort Worth & Western, Fort Worth, 
  Rockdale Sandow and Southern, Rockdale Sandow & Southern, RSS, RS&S, Rockdale, Sandow,
Marjorie, Alcoa, ALCOA, Port Terminal Railroad Association, PTRA, Georgetown, Georgetown 
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Southwestern, Texas Rock Crusher, 
Southwestern Railroad, TXGN, Texas Gonzales & Northern, WTJ, WTJR, Wichita Tillman & Jackson, 
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Wes Carr, southwest shorts, Southwest Railfan Commuter rail Shortlines industrials Class Ones... and more

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