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Keller, Texas - "where I stay"

UP northbound in Keller - July 2000

A northbound UP train passes through Keller, Texas on
the Union Pacific Choctaw Subdivision. July 2000.

Depending on who you ask, I live either in Fort Worth, or in a neighboring community to the north known as Keller. We are served by the Keller Post Office (mail addressed to my home says "Keller") -- yet we are served by the Fort Worth Water Department as our *physical* address is in Fort Worth.

At any rate, the closest rail line to my home is the Union Pacific Choctaw Subdivision, located three miles to the east. This is UP's main line between Fort Worth and McAlester, Oklahoma. Rail traffic includes -- but is not limited to -- the following types of traffic: mixed freight between Fort Worth / Houston / San Antonio and Kansas City / North Platte, NE; Powder River coal trains destined for south Texas power plants; midwestern grain trains destined for the Gulf coast; and unit trains of auto racks destined to distribution centers in the D-FW and Houston areas.

  Old Town Keller The Choctaw Subdivision passes behind "Old Town" Keller -- the downtown area adjacent to the location pictured above -- approximately four and a half miles northeast of my house. Former Burlington Northern E9 # 9920 -- donated to the City of Keller by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway -- is on display here and looks slightly out of place next to an active UP main line. (The Choctaw Sub was originally a T&P line, but hosted heavy volumes of Katy traffic on M-K-T's trackage rights over the T&P south from Whitesboro to Fort Worth). In addition to the E-unit display, several expressions of the town's acknowledgement of its railroad heritage are visible in the downtown area:

Whistle Stop - Keller, TX....... Whistle Stop Parking....... Keller Roundhouse

Keller, TX - Main St. Depot....... Keller, TX - Main Street Depot....... Old Town Keller, TX

northbound through Keller

A northbound freight passes through Keller on the UP Choctaw Subdivision
on the morning of August 18, 2002.

I don't photograph many trains in Keller, just an occasional shot here and there for posterity. I prefer to shoot in the summertime, as higher sun angles provide the best light on the nose of the E-unit display, which faces north. From mid-June through early July, early morning or late afternoon / evening sun will provide the best light to photograph northbound trains or the north-facing E9.  

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