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Texas Panhandle - Critters & Shorts

Texas Panhandle - Critters & Shorts

Another attraction of Panhandle railroading, besides the busy traffic on the Class One carriers, is the color and variety of the region's shortlines and industrial switching operations. Shortline Texas Northwestern connects with the BNSF Boise City Subdivision north of Dumas at Etter, Texas. Panhandle Northern, an OmniTrax line, is based in Borger and connects with the BNSF Panhandle Sub at Panhandle, TX. And the Shattuck Branch of the Southwestern Railroad, based in Perryton, Texas, connects with the BNSF Panhandle Sub at Shattuck, Oklahoma.

And don't forget the grain elevators! Several elevators in the Panhandle region operate their own locomotives. These can range from the former Rock Island SW1 in Plainview and a former Iowa Interstate geep at Dimmitt to a tiny GE 25-ton switcher north of Dumas. Keep your eyes peeled, look around, and get to know some interesting and obscure rail operations away from the busy mainlines.

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  Panhandle Northern RR at Borger, TX On August 13, 2000, three Panhandle Northern GP7s lead a southbound local through Borger, Texas. Visible in the distant background is Borger's large Phillips Petroleum refinery.
  Texas Northwestern at Etter, TX Texas Northwestern (TXNW) SW7s 89 and 88 run around a cut of cars at Etter, Texas on August 11, 2000. After completing the run-around move, the TXNW crew will shove the cars west toward the BNSF interchange track.
  DeBruce's ex-Iowa Interstate geep at Dimmitt, TX Ex-Iowa Interstate GP8 479 was photographed at DeBruce Grain's elevator in Dimmitt, TX on August 14, 2000.
  GE 25-ton switcher at 
Amarillo, TX This GE 25-ton switcher located at the Producers Grain elevator east of Amarillo was photographed on April 8, 1995. The switcher is no longer present at this location.
  Plymouth switcher at Plainview, TX This small Plymouth switcher was photographed at the Harvest Queen / ADM (Archer-Daniels-Midland) mill in Plainview, Texas on March 13, 1995.
  Whitcomb switcher at Summerfield, TX This Whitcomb center-cab locomotive was photographed near the BNSF Hereford Subdivision main line in Summerfield, TX on July 3, 2003.

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