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Photo of the Month: October 2006

Photo of the Month

Kansas City Southern F9A KCS-1 leads a northbound business car special through Shiner, Texas on the UP Cuero Subdivision on October 8, 2006.


I'm trying a slightly different approach this month. I'm late getting around to the Photo of the Month this month (it's October 20 as I'm typing this) so I thought I'd feature a current photo, one taken during my vacation last week to south Texas.

As we drove between San Antonio and Corpus Christi, we learned about an unusual move headed north on the UP Cuero Subdivision -- the KCS business car train, headed back to KCS headquarters in Shreveport after a trip to Laredo.

We intercepted the train at Shiner (home of the Spoetzel Brewery, which produces Texas' legendary Shiner Beer) before we continued south and resumed our vacation. I had hoped to get a shot of a northbound passing through Shiner, but I never guessed it would be this train!


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