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Photo of the Month: September 2005

Photo of the Month

I prefer shooting and viewing "action" shots over roster views, but every so often I'll find the perfect subject for a roster shot. Such was the case on September 1, 1998, when I caught BNSF 4828 on the point of northbound Z ALTWSP stopped on the Fort Worth Subdivision at Metro, Texas.

Hampered by a power shortage amidst growing post-merger traffic volumes, BNSF decided in early and mid-1998 to expedite the delivery of new locomotives by pressing them into service as soon as they left the paint shop -- without taking the extra time to apply yellow reflective striping, nose logos, or the large "BNSF" lettering on the locomotive sides. Months later, as the locomotives made their way through the shops for routine maintenance, the railroad applied the missing items to bring them "up to code". But for several months in 1998, these unstriped, unlettered locomotives surely made for some interesting train watching... definitely worthwhile roster shot material... if you were lucky enough to get a front-uncoupled view of one in good light.


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