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South Orient Wig-Wags - South of Coleman, Texas

South Orient Wig-Wag - south of Coleman TX Southwest Shorts South Orient Wig-Wags

South Orient Wig-Wags

Note: These wig-wag signals are no longer in service! These photographs were taken in June of 2000; a visit to Coleman on July 6, 2001 revealed that Texas Pacifico Transportation, the line's new operator, had replaced the wig-wag signals with standard grade crossing flashers. It appeared that the work had been done quite recently, as the dirt around the bases of the new signals appeared to have been freshly dug up. The crossing remains un-gated.

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About 4 miles south of the town of Coleman, Texas...Ranch Road 1026 cuts off State Highway 206 and crosses the South Orient tracks prior to connecting with U.S. Highway 67. Until the signals were replaced in 2001, this was one of the select few railroad grade crossings in the state of Texas that are still protected by Magnetic Flagman "wig-wag" type crossing signals.

I hope you enjoy the following photographs, taken on June 13, 2000. I was fortunate to be able to catch South Orient's weekly local, heading west over the crossing after interchanging with BNSF at nearby San Angelo Jct.

Please click on any of the following pictures to see a larger image:

  South Orient Wig-Wag A wig-wag signal stands sentinel over the Highway 1026 crossing a few miles south of Coleman on June 13, 2000.
  South Orient Wig-Wag Another view of the Wig-Wag signals a few miles south of Coleman, Texas.
  South Orient Wig-Wag This close-up view of the light fixture allows one to read the "Magnetic Flagman" lettering. Note that even the location of manufacture (Los Angeles, CA) is included.
  South Orient Wig-Wag Here's a close-up view of the "Magnetic" lettering at the bottom of the mast of one of the Wig-Wag signals near Coleman, Texas.
  South Orient Wig-Wag On most days, the only available "Action" shots of the wig-wags were shots of cars and trucks zipping past them.
  South Orient Wig-Wag Another " Action Shot " -- this time of a John Deere tractor passing the Highway 1026 wig-wags south of Coleman on June 13, 2000.
  South Orient Wig-Wag Due to a broken bond wire, the crossing signals at Highway 1026 were deactivated when I visited Coleman on June 13, 2000. In this photograph, South Orient's signal maintainer has arrived and is preparing to activate the signals as a train approaches.
  South Orient Wig-Wag A wig-wag begins to move as a westbound South Orient train approaches Highway 1026 on June 13, 2000.
  South Orient Wig-Wag South Orient GP7s 107 / 108 / 109 lead a westbound train over Highway 1026 south of Coleman, Texas on June 13, 2000.
  South Orient Wig-Wag A South Orient hi-rail -- with one of the wig-wag signals in the background -- is parked on the shoulder of highway 1026 on June 13, 2000.

For more information on Wig-Wag crossing signals, including an index of many of the remaining wig-wags in the United States, visit Dan's Wig-Wag Site .

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