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Southwestern Railroad - Deming Subdivision

Southwestern Railroad

Southwestern Railroad - first look at the Deming Subdivision

In October 2001, I got my first look at the Southwestern Railroad's operations on the Deming Subdivision. Fortunately, I had photographed BNSF trains on the line a few times before, so I had a good idea of where to find the line's more scenic photo locations. Below is a series of photos from my visit in October 2001, and a couple more from March 2003.

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  working at Rincon, NM After delivering to BNSF at Rincon, the Southwestern builds their outbound train for Deming. October 2001.
  westbound near Hatch, NM Two Southwestern geeps lead a westbound up the hill west of Hatch,NM (on the former BNSF Deming Subdivision) in October 2001.
  westbound approaching Nutt, NM The westbound Southwestern train continues upgrade east of Nutt, New Mexico. October 2001.
  westbound at Nutt, NM Southwestern's westbound train from Rincon to Deming rolls through Nutt, New Mexico. October 2001.
  west of Nutt, NM on the Deming Sub The westbound train continues to roll along the former BNSF Deming Subdivision west of Nutt, New Mexico. October 2001.
  pacing the Southwestern RR Pacing the Southwestern, west of Nutt, NM. October 2001.
  Got Sand? This sticker on the nose of GP40 # 3000 reminds crew members to make sure they have an adequate sand supply before heading out on the road with a heavy train. Deming, NM, March 2003.
  old Santa Fe station sign at Hatch, NM The Santa Fe-style station sign at Hatch, NM was still standing in March of 2003.
  night life option in Deming, NM The small town of Deming, New Mexico, doesn't have much to offer in the way of night life, but "Spanish Disco Dancing" is always an option.

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